Monday, December 29, 2008

wow i suck so bad at blogging!

      I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving/christmas and hope you all have a great new years. I had a awesome christmas. spent christmas eve night at Audrey's mom and stepdads house. which was a awesome time. it felt almost like a normal christmas drinking eggnog and sitting by a fire. and of course went to christmas eve service at work. (it started at 12... wow i was just glad i had a couple drinks. because i would of been bored. it was a catholic mass thats why i was bored. i am used to singing a lot of christmas hymns and hearing the story of jesus birth.  


Sunday, November 30, 2008

looking for a new job!

so today was a worrible day at journeys. i am sick of every single person i work with. even the girl that is always on a good one. (from smoking weed) my manager is a dick. and they all just care about them sleves. plus i work 40+ hours a week. and only get about 500 every 2 weeks.... wow i am  really getting ripped off. anyone have any thoughts on where i should get a job?

well pray for me tomorrow i will be working 8 hours

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

lakers game!

Samuel and i went to a Lakers game, we had awesome seats. Samuel bought them on EBay the night before, i don't know how he found them at 3 in the morning. but they were awesome. the Lakers did alright. Kobe had a season low for points and Far mar had a season high. when the game was about 5 Min's from being over and the Lakers pretty much won for sure. (they won by 27 points) we moved down to get like almost court side seats. it was crazy being so close to the ball game. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band coming to LA december 3rd

       Mt. St Helen's Vietnam Band coming to Los Angles!! December 3rd. i saw their first show in Seattle! that was before i moved here. the first show was amazing. Mt. St Helen's Vietnam Band has their own style, 3 of the members in the band are like my family.
       Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam band just got signed by Dead Ocean's. they already released an EP called Weepy. and will issue a full length album in spring.  

check out there music! also this was in the LA times a little artical about Mt. St Helen's Vietnam band

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantum Of Solace

    The new 007 movie just came out last night! Samuel Audrey, Ceasar and i went and saw the midnight showing of it last night. it was really good. i would rate it a 9. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it was a great wednesday!

       I miss the days when Wednesday night was the night i went to church and got to learn about God and see all my friends. wow i have so many good memories. i learn a lot of things from Steve Scott, Jason Kelly, Jeremy William's (Jeremy you weren't the youth pastor but you were the guys leader and i learned a lot of good lessons) Ben Verdoes, and Eric barns. i would not be the person i am today if it wasn't for you guys teaching me life lessions. i miss having a awesome church family. i hope i can find a good church down here. 
         wahoo the Lakers won tonight. it was a close game. Samuel and i headed over to the gym after the NBA game and we played a couple (8) games of basketball. i lost every single game... :( but it was still a workout.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

friends, Warm Beach, Camp,

       I have pretty much lost all contact with my my friends from Washington besides Obeyah and Kristian Enge. i guess everyone else is to busy or don't even care. thanks Obeyah and Kristian for taking the time to call me! well i guess it is hard and maybe pointless to talk to a friend in another state. but its always nice to hear what's going on up in Warm Beach/Stanwood area.
     What's new up in Washington? i hear pastor josh came out with a new book? has anyone read it yet? my wonderful mom is send it down here in the mail right now! can't wait to read what that man of God has to say! if i lived 2 hours away the church that josh brooks is the pastor at i would drive there to hear him speak. 
      This is gonna be the first time in a long time that i will not be attending the Lights of Christmas! thank you Jesus. and the first time in about 6 years i will not be at the middle school or high school retreat. i hope everyone has fun this year! 
       I have finally got settled in down here. for a couples months i thought about moving back up. Because i missed everyone and i had a super sweet job offer! but there was a couple reasons i moved here. number 1. i do not like the rain. (oh by the way it does rain down here. but the amazing thing about California is that when it rains it rains in the middle of the night and by the time you wake up it has stopped and by the time 12:30 rolls around the sun is shinning and the puddles are gone. number 2. i love chilling with my brother Samuel. and 2 weeks out of the year that he came up and visited was not enough. number 3. I was sick of getting treated like a camp kid. (for example). if i did something wrong at the camp, like ran a stop sign, or as a joke gave a friend of mine that worked at camp a little gift that was pretty dirty. well instead of calling me and talking to me about it since i am 19 years old. they had my dad come into a little meeting to tell him about it. not saying anything to me.  well the right thing to do would of been to talk to me about it since i am a adult kinda living at home  (i was 4 days from moving to california) why is my dad responsible for the actions that i do? he's not. number 4. my best friend jonathan was going to college down here! 
      You guys are proably so bored now so i will stop writing. i miss everyone! i would love a phone call from any of you! or just a text. 

Monday, November 10, 2008

my weekend

sorry for all of you that check my blog. (glory, Mom and Dad, Samuel, Obeyah,Jon phelps)  i haven't posted anything for about a month. hope all is well. i had a good weekend. got to stay the night at Biola and chill with my friend Jonathan! on saturday night. my plan was to get out of work at 8:30 and go play some basketball and go se oo7 but stuff happened at work so i was unable to get out of work until 10:30 and then oo7 isnt coming out until this coming weekend.  well i ended up just taking it easy with jonathan. and then waking up at 7 on sunday to go to saddle back church, with Jonathan and Darren. wow that church is huge. its like a city. and everyone is over there fifty's. i wanted to meet some people my age. then i got to chill at Noah's 1st birthday. that was a lot of fun. Sunday night had a meeting at work which was a big waste of time. drove up to Biola after the meeting and met up with Jonathan and went to midnight madness! (its not a club or rave. it was at Biola) 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

honda cb 550 four classic vintage bike

just bought this classic honda vintage bike! can't wait to ride it

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sarah palin model for vogue

is this real?

i hope not. she doen't even look good

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bella Salon of Naples!!

I got my hair cut at the Bella Salon of Naples! Katie Morton did a wonderful job! if you want a good, quality hair cut, and want to sip on a cold beer, and don't care how much money you spend. check out Bella Salon of Naples. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hot pocket!!

here is a picture Samuel took of me out in Newport. the owner of this place sold hot pocket which he was the one that invented a hot pocket which all of you should know what those are. i was assisting Samuel on a photo shoot. and the event samuel was shooting details for was at this house.
This was the nicest house i have ever seen!! well i was gonna show you a picture of the house but its kinda top secret. sorry


i just got a job at journeys shoe store today! its about time i get a job. i know this is gonna sound weird but i love being busy and working a lot. being bored is the worst thing ever. so i am glad i have a job now. i am now a key holder at the journeys in Westminister mall.

Monday, September 29, 2008


what's the deal? i move down to california to get away from the rain. and now it rains here. it was pouring. i was in the rain for like 10 seconds and i got so wet. i hope that was the last time it rains here. if i want to see the rain i will go visit washington.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

new photo wall!!

Photobucketi spent most of my day yesterday running around getting boards cut and brackets and screws for this wall. let me know what you think. once i got i the things together and the boards were ready to go on the wall Samuel, Jon Luke and i put all the pictures on! this was Samuel's idea. he just had me go to home depot and get the boards and do most of the labor. i found these really sweet brackets to slide the huge board into but they didn't really work so well, so we just screwed the whole board into the wall. i'm so glad its finished!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


today was really good. i got 5 hours of sleep last night. i rushed to long beach to go to church with IRA at grace! church was amazing. i met some really cool people. for lunch we went to taco surf (that place is so good. the chips are salsa is so tasty) then we oiled up our body's with tanning oil and headed for the beach!! took a little nap. and threw the football around for about 3 Min's. its getting cold here already. come on heat. that's why i moved down here was for the heat. and my brothers.  i got my butt kicked in tennis by Samuel and IRA.  i don't know why i sucked so bad. 2 days ago we beat IRA so bad he only won a total of 1 game out of like 30. i guess today was just not my day. that means i should play tomorrow because i might be on fire

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hey everyone that looks at my blog. (Samuel and Jon) California is great, i have been here for over a week and a half. Samuel and i have been playing a lot of tennis and a little bit of basketball. (by the way he beat me last night) i bought some really nice running shoes yesterday. now i can go on a run and not have to wear my Reebok pumps. my goal is to lose 17 pounds. how am i going to do that? idk play basketball, tennis, run, not eat anything and if i do eat throw it up after.. OK i guess that's not the best idea. I'll stick with eating healthy and working out.
I now have a California number. so if you are trying to get a hold of me and you can't, its proably because i have a new number.

Friday, September 5, 2008

first time ever beating samuel in basketball

I finally got a membership to the Belmont Athletic club. now i can work out with samuel and not have to sneak in. yesterday was an unusual day. It was the first time i beat Samuel in a game of one on one basketball. we played 3 games i won 2 he won 1.
The sweat on my shirt was dripping off like i had been sprayed down with a hose! we did a little work out after the 3 great games of basketball we played... we even got to little catch of McCain's speech.
Had a wonderful dinner at magic lamp, Audrey was our great waitress, and the food was spectacular.

Here's Samuel's blog welcoming me to Long Beach!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

getting my california drivers license

i woke up this morning with not alot going on... i got to sleep in till 10! i sure needed it! this sun is sure draining me out. i headed off to the DVM at 10:30.. wow that place is packed with crazy people.busier then a 4Th of the July parade!! i stood in line for about 30 Min's. to find out that i need more then just my Washington drivers license. i needed a passport or birth certificate. so i drive back to the studio and Samuel runs down and brings me my passport and birth certificate.. i am bring more then i need so now  they can't be like, "oh now you need this or something" i rush back to the DVM so i don't get stuck behind the mad rush of people that are on there lunch breaks. i finally get my lucky number #187. well it wasn't lucky. i had to wait for 1 hour before they called my number. in the meantime before they call me number i was sitting by this really annoying lady that flipped out when i touched her on  accident, i barely touched her and she almost had a heart attack on me. well that's what she told me. 
           i finally get my picture taken and my thumb print stamped. its time to go into the testing room and stand in another freaking long line.. i take my test. but i failed the motorcycle permit test.. i guess the smart thing would of been to study. well i didn't think about that. 3 1/2 hours later i walk out of the DVM with a little paper sheet that i guess is a temporary drivers license. it doesn't even have my picture on it.. well i guess i won't be driving since i don't have a car yet.

crazy long beach cops

i was riding down second street on my brothers carve get some money out of the bank and also trying to get a job. sure enough i see a cop walking towards me.. he gets about 5 feet away and asks me for my id? (what did i do wrong.. i didn't rob the bank or steal anything...) get this he accused my of riding the board on the sidewalk. which was not true i was riding on the road and i got off the board to walk into Starbucks (i really hope they hire me) well i got out of the ticket because i didn't ride on the side walk.. long beach is crazy.. I'm proably gonna get a ticket this next week for either J walking, bridge jumping, speeding, or maybe even wearing to short of shorts..