Sunday, January 25, 2009

its good to have you back jon!

My best friend Jonathan just came in today from washington. i picked him up from the airport and headed back to the studio. the plan for today was go to a Lakers game because Jons parents bought us 400 dollars tickets last night. so we get back to the studio and we go online to print the tickets out and the seller of the tickets didn't send them and refunded the money back. he made up some stupid reason why it didn't work out. (something about bad weather idk. he just wanted to go to the game) so i look for some more tickets and i really didn't think it was gonna work out we were just gonna have to go to a bar and watch the game on tv.
Well i found some tickets and made sure that we could get the tickets right way because the game was starting in 1 hour. so we got the tickets mean while i almost got a parking ticket because my time was up on the meter so i run down and talk to the cop. thank the lord he didn't give me a ticket. we rushed down to the staple center. meet up with the guy who sold us the tickets! dang he was like a billionaire. and he was parked right by the staple center in a no parking zone driving a Audi R8! omg that car is pricey. and he gave us 20 dollars for parking because he was a baller.
Lakers had a awesome game vs the spurs. Trevor Ariza with a season high. Andrew Bynum with a double double. not a in and out double double. and Koby Beef with a normal 22 point game. A little bonus about the game. i just happened to be sitting by this really cute women in her 30's i think she was i don't know tho. and she was super cool. gave my her Fry's and offered Jon and i a beer. a couple other things but you would of had to been there because i am not gonna say it on here.
We went to a couple car dealerships after. Jonathan is looking for a car. so we test drove a legit Honda and a slick BMW. dang i should start buying lotto tickets because if i were to win like 1.1 million or whatever it is. because i would be at the car dealership getting a car.
and ended the best day off ever by playing 2 1/2 hours of basketball with a bunch of guys and i girl from Biola and long beach including my friend Ben.

Monday, January 19, 2009


This week is starting off really good. my manager is on vacation so i am the main manager on duty and it is really nice. I interviewed a girl today... my first interview ever. i was really nervous and i think she was too. but not as much as me.  within the next month i will hopefully be a manager at the Westminster mall Journeys. that girl i interviewed today might be my assistant manager at west minster.  

    Wahoo the Lakers had a awesome game tonight! against the Cavaliers (Lebron James is a little baby) 
    Anyways i am off to bed. i need sleep

Saturday, January 10, 2009

flooding in stanwood (my home town)

some guy driving in the flood with his door open. (looks like Barry Reed)

this is the barn i have painted a few times

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

heres the update

I posted a blog a couple weeks back about a couple of the shoes i wanted to get. so now i am gonna post a new one blog about the shoes i actually got...